Sunday, September 13, 2009

An Inspirational Journey begins.....

Come with me on a journey of self discovery, share experiences, idea and solutions to problems that affect many of our lives. Using tools that will help improve our lives. No one has to do this alone, together with each other we can improve many aspects of our lives. The internet is filled with ideas, and many people have much to share.

I welcome comments, feedback and suggestions for creating a great place for people to express their views. Maybe your story will help someone else. Or someone else story will help you, anyone wishing to submit articles are welcome, you won't get paid for it but you will get full credit for your original work.

I will be posting tips, ideas, writing of my own and sources to find information that you might be looking for.

However, there is a caution, I will not accept SPAM. Comments will be monitored by me and any spam will be removed immediately and the person blocked from posting anything.

So take my hand and together we will walk on a journey that hopefully will enrich our lives.

Cynthia Taylor

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