Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Positive Power of Affirmations

Some people wonder about affirmations and what difference it will make to their lives. Think about it, you’ve been told that if you repeat a phrase it will change our life. This is where people make the mistake of assuming that constant repetition will be enough. Yes they have not let go of the negative thoughts, so nothing changes.

It’s no use repeating a positive thought when in the back of your mind you are still thinking, “I’ll do it but I don’t expect much to happen” and sure enough nothing will happen. Why bother doing it in the first place if you are going to hamper yourself with negative thoughts.

Affirmations require much more than just repetition although constant repetition is powerful in its own right. I will not work unless you believe it will work. Yes belief is the thing that moves mountains. As the Master Jesus said you have to have ‘Faith of a Mustard Seed” (or any seed for that matter). The mustard Seed does not believe that it is barren, infertile, and unable to produce, it gets put into the ground, watered and the correct elements come into play and it produces a plant. So too the universe works within the natural laws. It hears your pleas and understands your feelings and emotions. Therefore if you send out negative emotions the universe will act on your negative emotions and return what you are sending out.

So you need to choose your affirmation wisely, then you need to put into action positive thought, feelings, emotions and actions to ensure that the positive affirmation has the best chance of being fulfilled.

First you need to focus on what you want or desire, it could be any material or emotional outcome that drives you to seek it.

Once you have decided on what you want or desire then you need to create a phrase or set of words that reflect your desire.

Now you need to focus on this desire, giving it as much time, thought and actions to achieve it. To give your self maximum exposure to the words you have chosen, make a list of them on cards. Place these cards in strategic places where you will see them. In you home, you could place them on the refrigerator, the mirror of your bathroom. Bedroom mirror, walls, windows, doors, any place where you spend time regularly in a pocket of your clothing, handbag, a reminder on your cell phone. In your work place I’m sure you can find plenty of places to put them. You are only limited by your imagination for places to put reminders.

Begin each day with a short meditation, and a repeat of the phrase(s), this will set the tone for the day. If you repeat them with feelings and emotions, if possible out loud, you will begin the day on a positive note, find occasions through out the day to repeat will feeling your affirmations. And end your day before going to sleep with a repeat once again.

But, remember it does not stop there. This is where you have to be 100% alert. You have to find the opportunities to make it happen. They will be shown to you in subtle ways and you have to be wide awake to see them and act on them.

You can also create situations where what you desire will happen because you have taken some action to create the space for it to happen. A perfect example is if you want a new spring wardrobe. You already have a closet full of clothing. You closets are bursting at the seams, there is no place to fit another outfit. I’ll guarantee you will have clothing you have not warn for months, even years but they are taking up space in your closet. Behind the scenes the universe looks for a place to put what you want but finds that there is no place to put them. If you really want the new spring wardrobe, then you need to make the space for it. Clear out what you are not using on a regular basis, give them away (don’t sell them) and create the space for the new.

Remember start today. Don’t procrastinate, the quicker, the quicker you will achieve a result.

My affirmation for today:

I do today what can be done with feeling of happiness and joy and great excitement. I know that I can achieve whatever I want.

Be the best you can at whatever you want to achieve.


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